Exceptional transports

ST Service for over twenty years is a sure point of reference in the complex panorama of exceptional transports in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.


Exceptional transports

Request and obtain italian permits is st service’s  “flagship” always  specialized  in this area, supported  from  many correspondants  spreaded all over italian territory as well, our technical bureau is  able  to  get  whatsoever  authorization  as soon as possible.

Sins its born, st service got  a lot of foreign customer, our staff speak currently  with them in english, german, french  and spanish, getting on in years st service has increased customer  , day by day, conquering their faith and respect.

Necessary quality and expertness due this great foreign customer number has marked  st service  “modus operandi”   attracting also  italian customer , whom approched our company faithfully too and increasing more and more during ages

St service otherwised owned  an organised network  dedicated to get permits  and escorts in all european territory

A  very good working partner’s  network  system  guarantee  best service and  local presence  for the quickest  solution any trouble and necessity. St service  also guarantee  best assistance and escort service with native language  highly specialized  and qualify people.